ITG Maxogen Air Intake Kit for Renault Megane III RS 250/265


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To get the most from your Megane, ITG have developed a new intake which so far in testing has shown gains of up to 10bhp. This is a great kit for those wanting to get the most out of their Megane. The filter is mounted down behind the bumper, well away from any power robbing heat under the bonnet

Although good enough for a standard engine, the Megane 250/265’s standard airbox can be found lacking when the power levels have been pushed up by a re-map and other modifications. ITG's performance induction kit tackles this by replacing the intake pipework and relocating the filter to a high pressure zone behind the front bumper. This is located away from the heat of the engine to avoid any heat soak.

ITG are able to develop uprated performance air intake systems for some of todays more popular cars. ITG fully road test all prototypes to prove their durability and performance, and each kit is tested on the rolling road to fully enhance it’s capabilities for that particular car. Each silicon hose is designed and made for each specific application. All aluminium parts are anodised and ITG supply stainless steel or plated screws, nuts and washers with each kit to fully enhance the appearance and durability.