SamcoSport Silicone Hose Kits and Clamp Kits are easy to install. However, if you are unsure in any way please consult a qualified mechanic.

Please register your product for our Lifetime Warranty within 30 days of purchase.



Standard SamcoSport hoses are not suitable for use with fuel, oil or brake fluid. SamcoSport Fluoro-lined hoses are suitable for low-pressure oil and oil breather applications. SamcoSport Pro-Fuel lined hoses are suitable for use with fuel or oil (only non-pressurised fuel transfer/filling and not injection).


Before CONNECTING, ensure the following important safety precautions are observed;

• Switch off engine and disconnect battery.

• Ensure vehicle/bike is suitably parked, and secured to prevent any unexpected vehicle movement.

• Allow engine, coolant system and all pipework to fully cool (coolant can retain heat for several hours after engine has been switched off).


1. Care must be taken to drain and dispose of the old coolant fluids. Please ensure local environmental laws are observed when disposing of any fluids and old hoses.

2. When installing direct-replacement kits, remove OEM/stock hoses one at a time and replace with the equivalent shaped Samco hose as you go – check orientation of each hose.

3. Ensure the Samco hoses are fully engaged onto pipework. The clamp must be positioned at least 3/8” (10mm) down from the open end of the pipe-work, and behind any bead or lip on the pipe-work. Ensure the clamp is fully seated on the hose with at least 3/8”(10mm) of hose protruding past the clamp. Take care not to damage the lining of the hose when installing.

Samco Hose Installation example

4. Samco Clamps should be tightened to the following torque setting:

Always refer to manufacturers recommendations for any specific torque recommendations.

3Nm (2.2ft/lb) for size 12-20

5Nm (3.7ft/lb) for size 22-45

6Nm (4.4ft/lb) for size 50+

They should be tested again to this torque setting 30 minutes after installation to allow for any stress‐relaxation in the silicone.

5. For coolant hoses, when re-filling with coolant, ensure that the vehicle/bike manufacturer’s instructions for re-filling coolant are followed. Use an Ethylene-glycol based coolant. Please note, other coolants and additives may invalidate the warranty.

6. Inspect for leaks, and periodically check tightness of hose clamps.

7. Periodically clean hoses using SamcoSport hose cleaning products. Do not use any harsh cleaners, polishes or any petroleum derived product – ensure safety precautions are observed when cleaning hoses.


DISCLAIMER SamcoSport (Silflex Ltd UK) hoses, clamps and accessory products are intended for racing use only, for vehicles/bikes which are in the original manufacturer’s form, without modification. Our product must not be modified in any way before or after fitment. Silflex Ltd do not make any guaranteed warranty of merchantability, performance or fitness for a particular function or application. Silflex Ltd do not accept any responsibility for any indirect, consequential or incidental loss or damage resulting from any use, misuse or failure of products. Samco®Sport is a registered trademark of Silflex Ltd (UK).