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adminMarch 13, 2019


Hand Made  |  High Quality |  High Performance

SamcoSport are renowned across the globe for their leading brand of High Performance Silicone Hose, being the pioneers in the fast car automotive industry over two decades ago. 

SamcoSport boast a number of unparalleled qualities that make them the first-choice for silicone hose, including the fact that every single hose they produce is hand made from their UK factory, the largest silicone hose manufacturing plant in Europe.  

The dedicated laboratory facility at their headquarters is where they extensively test all materials used in the production of hoses, as well as the end product, giving them enough confidence to issue a lifetime warranty on all the hoses they produce.  

Besides being proven to lower running temperatures, SamcoSport hoses also offer extreme durability and increased burst pressure ratings over OEM hose, and over other silicone hose brands available on the market. 

As well as producing the industry’s largest range of direct replacement coolant and turbo hose kits, SamcoSport also produce the widest range of Universal Race Parts, as used by custom builders as well as the likes of F1, BTCC, WTCC, NASCAR, TCR and many more series and championships worldwide.  Additionally, the company offer a range of hose accessories including joiners, clips and blanking plugs, which complement the hoses perfectly. 

This universal range, which includes an extensive assortment of straight lengths, elbows, reducers, couplers and convoluted hoses to name a few, is ideal for those building their race car and prepping it for track action, where the car and engine will be under extreme pressure.  

With lots of foreign copies on the market, be sure not to be fooled by any hose sporting the famous Blue colour, these counterfeits will not be built with the same extensive high standards that SamcoSport comply with, meaning they won’t withstand the extreme demands of the track, which could put you out of the game.  

Having SamcoSport hoses fitted to your car gives you peace of mind in knowing that they won’t blow-off or burst, and that they’ve been 100% visually inspected and there aren’t any defects, something you cannot guarantee with copycat hoses.

All SamcoSport hoses come Polyester lined as standard, for coolant application with temperatures up to 180ºC, however other specialist liners, such as Nomex® can be used in the manufacturing process to allow for increased temperatures up to 250ºC where required. 

A new product recently added to the SamcoSport universal listings is XtraFlex, a straight hose length incorporating a wire reinforced helix to allow for ultimate flexibility.  XtraFlex is the perfect contribution to your set-up where space is tight and makes any plumbing configuration possible. 

Why SamcoSport?

  • Hand made in the UK
  • Manufactured using the finest quality European automotive silicone
  • Largest silicone hose performance facility in Europe
  • Multiple layer construction for increased strength
  • Specialist liners available for oils, fuels and heat
  • Longer life than OEM hoses 
  • Extreme durability
  • Proven to lower temperatures
  • Increased burst pressure ratings
  • Lighter than OEM hoses
  • Lifetime Warranty

Available Now!

We at Williams Race Services are proud to be the Exclusive Dealer here in Australia, carrying a wide selection of SamcoSport products for both road and race applications. 
Be sure to buy your SamcoSport hoses direct from the WRS retail shop, at the online store or from one of our official retail distributors (contact us for your nearest).