The most effective Heat Shielding available!

adminFebruary 07, 2019

The lightest and most effective
Heat Shielding available!

Teknofibra is a unique material composed by a special surface of embossed aluminium, used by leading F1, GT, Indycar, WRC and Sportscar teams.

Teknofibra is an exclusive material derived from carbon fibre with very high insulating properties, and a specially developed adhesive layer that increases its strength with temperature.

A test with an 800°C heat source 2mm away from the installed Teknofibra® blanket resulted in the heat transmitted to the rear side at 20°C! 

Watch Teknofibra in action!

The main applications of Teknofibra in racing cars are:

  • Protect the body and any other part near manifolds, exhaust pipes, turbo and other heat sources.
  • Used as barrier against heat and flames on the firewall between engine and cockpit.
  • Placed between the air box and the throttle body allowing the flow of cold air.
  • Applied on the fuel tank to keep fuel temperature lower.
  • Applied on oil tank and shock absorbers reservoir in close proximity to the exhaust pipes to help in keeping the gas and oil temperature more stable.


Available in sheets, rigid sheets for direct heat contact  and Heat Sleeving.

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