Handmade, High Performance Silicone Hose exclusively available at WRS!

adminJanuary 23, 2019

Hand Made  |  High Quality |  High Performance

SamcoSport are the world leader in the manufacture and supply of High Performance Silicone Hose.  Based in the UK, SamcoSport were the pioneers in this field and have remained the leading brand for over 20 years, supplying more than 50 countries globally.  

All SamcoSport hoses are manufactured by hand at their facilities in the UK, by a highly-skilled workforce. Offering guaranteed performance at extreme temperatures, pressures and vibrations, and backed by extensive in-house and track testing, there’s no doubt as to why many Motorsport race teams worldwide choose SamcoSport for their silicone hose plumbing requirements. 

SamcoSport has a dedicated test facility at its headquarters in the UK, where they extensively test all materials used in the production of hoses, as well as the end product. This gives them enough confidence to issue a lifetime warranty on all the hoses they produce.  


Why SamcoSport?

SamcoSport provide high performance silicone hoses for the automotive sector, covering a very diverse range of applications. These applications include everything from heavily modified road cars, classic cars, 4x4 vehicles, F1, World and British Touring Cars, TCR, NASCAR, plus OEM applications with some of the world’s most prestigious sports car manufacturers choosingSamcoSport as their preferred supplier of silicone hoses.

With the world’s largest range of Direct Replacement Silicone Hose Kits and Universal Race Parts, SamcoSport are renowned for their quality, durability and reliability above all others on the market. 

  • Hand made in the UK 
  • Manufactured using the finest quality Eurpoean automotive silicone
  • Largest silicone hose performance facility in Europe
  • Multiple layer construction for increased strength
  • Specialist liners available for oils, fuels and heat
  • Longer life than OEM hoses  
  • Extreme durability
  • Proven to lower temperatures
  • Increased burst pressure ratings 
  • Lighter than OEM hoses 
  • Lifetime Warranty

All hoses carry the famous SamcoSport registered trademark logo, signifying is high-quality pedigree.  As with all superior brands, there are always copycats on the market so be sure you're buying your SamcoSport hoses direct from us, or from one of our official distributors (contact us for your nearest).


Available Now!

Williams Race Services have a longstanding relationship with SamcoSport spanning over a decade and are proud to be named Australia’s Exclusive Distributor of their entire Car Application and Universal Race Parts range.

Obtainable from both our Retail Unit and online store, a large range of SamcoSport hoses are available for a wide selection of manufacturers and models across both performance road cars and 4x4’s.